Breach of Contract

Almost every agreement, from buying shoes to buying a multimillion-dollar business, involves a contract. A contract creates a contractual relationship that binds two or more people to the terms. However, these agreements do not always work out in an optimal manner. A breach of contract occurs when a party to the contract fails to perform according to the terms. Once you notice a party’s failure to act, immediately contact Pratt Aycock to file a claim within the statutory period.

To bring a breach of contract cause of action, you must prove four elements: 1) verify the existence of a valid contract; 2) validate your performance according to the contract; 3) demonstrate the defendant failed to perform; and 4) prove you sustained damages. Occasionally, the hardest part of the claim is proving there is a valid contract between the parties. A valid contract consists of an offer, acceptance, meeting of the minds, consent to the terms, and delivery with the intent the contract binds the parties involved. At Pratt Aycock, our attorneys can review all elements of the contract in detail and help clients establish a valid claim.

Our attorneys strive to repair the harm arising out of contractual disputes. It is important to have experienced, dependable, and proactive attorneys to defend your interest in court. Contact Pratt Aycock to resolve your contractual disputes.

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